The Venturer Series UAV

Venturer is a high capacity, high endurance UAV designed by Stratus Aeronautics.  Our UAVs are designed for aerial mapping applications using a variety of payloads and sensors.  They are capable of autonomous flight on pre-programmed flight plans.


Venturer is designed to perform in some of the most demanding environments on earth.  Our molded carbon fibre airframe can handle extreme forces.  Inside the UAV are military-grade electronic components, rated to operate in extreme temperatures and environments.



The Venturer only requires 100 meters of runway to takeoff and land.  It has been tested in sites where there is no runway at all.  Fat tires and rugged landing gear allow the Venturer to be used in a variety of environments.


Venturer is powered by a 100cc 2-stroke engine with an average fuel consumption of 1.5L/h. Vernturer can fly for up to 10 hours safely and can cover hundreds of kilometres in that time.


Aerial mapping is a big risk for manned aircraft because it is important to fly as low to the ground as possible.  This greatly increases the chance of a crash.  In  a UAV there is no pilot on board.  In addition to personal risk there are many safegaurds in place to prevent the UAV from causing harm if the guidance or commuication systems fail.


Aircraft Details

Size: 4 meter wingspan / 3 meter long fuselage

Power: 100cc 2-stroke engine w/ generator

Navigation: Differential GPS system (better than 1 meter accuracy) and Laser altimiter

Communication: 900 mHz radio and Iridium satellite system

Payload: Proprietary data acquisition system with variety of payloads (see Services)