Stratus Completes Testing at DRDC Suffield

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Stratus has completed three weeks of flgiht testing at DRDC Suffield near Medicine Hat Alberta.  We completed roughly 20 hours of flight, testing data collection and satellite communication.

We gathered LiDAR data over a hillside and some interesting cultural features. We also collected aerial photos over the same area. The LiDAR flight plan must be set at 50m AGL which means the UAV must follow the changing terrain. The Venturer did a great job of handling the task.

Cultural features. (click for a larger view)

Here you can see LiDAR data combined with high definition aerial photography. (click for a larger view)

One of the most important reasons that we chose DRDC Suffiled is for beyond line of sight (BLOS) testing. UAV flights are strictly regulated in Canada and permission to fly BLOS is difficult to obtain. The “sterile” environment of the Suffiled weapons test area provides conditions that satisfy Transport Canada for this kind of testing. We completed several long range flights using only our Iridium satellite communication system.



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