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What We Do

Stratus Aeronautics specializes in UAV development and applications.

We are solving commercial problems with practical Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) solutions, an ability honed by years of experience. It's our people and partners behind the innovation, combined with advances in technology, that have turned these concepts into reality.

These UAV solutions are enhancing productivity, saving lives, conserving resources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the process. We are constantly bridging the gap between today's concepts and tomorrows's solutions.

Our UAV family is robust, stable, and deployable in remote and hostile conditions.

Magnetic Surveys

Magnetic surveys provide important information for the mining industry. Stratus Aeronautics has flown numerous magnetic surveys in different terrains.

Scientific Research

Stratus Aeronautics has worked with Canadian Universities to develop UAVs, provide Aerial platforms and data for scientific research.

Aerial Platforms

Stratus Aeronautics has or is developing a number of aerial platforms for current and future use. Our platforms include long range fixed wing, water-borne UAVs, multi-rotors and are able to carry many different kinds of payload.